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                                           UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS 2018

Pants & Shorts MUST be purchased through Land's End Uniform.

When ordering from Land's End, add our school/organization number and the troop will receive a credit.
             Girl Scouts of Metro Detroit #327 - Acct #9ØØØ-9459-Ø, 

Pants – Khaki, Perfect Fit Plain Front Blend Chino, hemmed to correct length, LABELED with Scout's Name

Big Girls' sizes 7-16:
          Regular:  Item #442875-BR8
          Slim:  Item #442876-BR2
          Plus:  Item #442877-BR7
     Junior sizes 1-13:
          Regular:  Item #404343-BR4
     Adult sizes:
          Regular (sizes 6-16):  Item #4043664-BR2
          Tall (sizes 0-16):  Item #419921-BR4
          Plus (sizes 16W-26W):  Item #461725-BR7

Shorts – Khaki, Plain Front Blend Chino, 6 inches from the ground when kneeling, LABELED with Scout's Name

     Girls' sizes 7-16: 
Regular: Item #4Ø3776-BR8
Slim: Item #4Ø3777-BR2
Plus: Item  #4Ø3778-BR7

Junior's sizes 1-13:
Regular: Item #4Ø3783-BR8  

Adult sizes:
Regular (sizes 6-16):  Item #4Ø3782-BR3 
          Tall (sizes 0-16): Item #419726-BR1    
Plus (sizes 16W-24W):  Item #489036-BR2

Polos – (two) white with no more than 4 white buttons, NO pocket or logo, LABELED with Scout's Name
    Flag patch (provided) sewn on left sleeve 1 inch from shoulder seam
    Snap or Velcro on right shoulder    
    Mackinac patch (provided) sewn centered on left side of chest
- khaki, with appropriate insignia as listed below, LABELED with Scout's Name
         Include Velcro or snap to attach to polo shirt
             *Council Patches
             *Troop Crest
             *Troop Number
             *World Association pin 
             *GS pin 

Brown shoes - not boots, not cut high, no open backs, no holes on the top (like sandals
or Mary Jane-type), conservative, LABELED with Scout's Name

Rain Poncho – Clear,  LABELED with Scout's Name

Socks – (two pairs) khaki,  LABELED with Scout's Name & Piece of Ribbon across toes
     Item #453071-AG9

Sweatshirt – White, provided by troop 

Jacket - Navy, provided by troop (one time rental fee is included in tuition of first year Scouts)

If you would like to wear your hair back, use plain rubber bands or barrettes, etc. that are natural colored.
No bows, ribbons, or colorful, decorative hair accessories.

Simple, natural makeup

One ring per hand, stud-type earrings only, no necklaces

We will wear any combination of these uniform parts on the Island, as decided by leadership throughout the day.
If you would like to have more than one pair of pants or shorts, you may of course, order them, but it is not necessary as we do laundry every evening.

ALL uniform parts must be labeled with your name before they will be approved and checked off.
This includes your shoes!

All Scouts will have their uniforms checked off at the April Overnight.
You are expected to have all uniform parts with you, ready to be checked at that time. Try on and order all necessary parts before this meeting. If your pants are not hemmed correctly or your patches are not sewn on, you will be staying up late at that meeting to sew. You will have to try on all parts of your uniform in order for them to be approved, so please make sure they fit ahead of time. You will not get “partial credit” for uniform parts. You MUST have BOTH polos at the same time, with patches and Velcro/snap. Pants MUST be hemmed.

If you will not be at the overnight, you are expected to have your entire uniform at the March meeting.

Patches will be handed out to new girls at the January meeting. This will provide opportunity for the patches to be sewn onto your polos prior to the April meeting. White sweatshirts & navy jackets will be handed out to everyone at the overnight meeting in April.